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Meet the team

The RVTA has a fantastic team dedicated to your training and to support your development.
Seasoned professionals with expertise in delivering superior instruction for both technical
and strategic training as well as world-class conditioning allow our players to reach their goals.

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Riaan Venter

Managing director and head coach

The RVTA is one of the oldest and most successful tennis academies in the country. Over the past 22 years I have managed, trained and guided more than a hundred tennis coaches. I have extensive coaching experience, proven reward of results with players and documented accomplishments in all aspects of tennis in South Africa.

Jamie Davis


I have been part of the RVTA as a high performance player since 2012 and as coach since 2019. I manage the junior kid's program at the academy and have a great passion for working with the next generation of players. My goal is to inspire kids to play and enjoy the beautiful game of tennis and to train future champions.

Kelsey Davis


I have been coaching at the RVTA from the end of 2021. I assist Jamie with the kid's program and help to inspire little ones to enjoy coordination drills and learn the basic skills of tennis. We aim to create a fun-filled atmosphere along with the correct techniques to be able to play tennis.

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Munashe Chingono


I was born in Zimbabwe and started playing tennis at the age of 7. I have been passionate about the sport ever since. I started working at the RVTA in 2020 after I was referred to Riaan by Jamie Davis. I love my job and have learnt a lot about the game. I hope I can continue to grow in my knowledge of the game to impact the players we work with in a positive way.

Tiaan Bell


I love tennis and I am currently pursuing
a career as a professional tennis player here
at the RVTA. I have learned valuable life lessons here at the academy and my passion for the sport grows every day.

Zander de la Guerra


I am from Boksburg and have been playing
tennis for 16 years. While I was studying at the North-West university, Riaan saw potential in me and asked me if I would consider coaching at the RVTA. I have been part of the RVTA family for the past two years and enjoy every minute.

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Carma Mostert


I used to compete on a professional level and was number 1 in South Africa in the under 12 division. I love tennis as it has taught me valuable life lessons and continues to do so every day. I want to inspire other players.

Siyanda Zulu

Video analyst

I have a short history in tennis, but the love I have for watching the majors made me want to know more about the game. This got me involved as a video/performance analyst. I studied human movement science at the
North-West university and because I was interested in gaining more knowledge and experience, I approached the RVTA to become their video analyst. I started at the academy in 2021 and have enjoyed  working with the best tennis players in the country.

Seun Mogale

Stringer and pro-shop manager

I have been an employee of the RVTA since 2017. I am the pro-shop manager, stringer and driver that keeps all the strings together! I will be the first to open in the morning and the last to lock up at night. I love my job!

Zandra van der Merwe

Personal assistant to Riaan Venter

I started at the RVTA in May 2022. Before that I worked as an administrative assistant at the High School Nelspruit where we lived as well for 16 years. I love people and engaging with children and enjoy working with Riaan and the rest of the team.

Colin Powell

Strength and conditioning specialist

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Human Movement Sciences. I am extremely interested in developing athletes to ensure that they attain their full potential. I have gained experience over my years of conditioning in multiple sports, which has enabled me to become a specialist in my field. I have been part of the RVTA since 2019.

Margo Landman

Mental coach

I have lived tennis, trained and competed internationally for most of my life before becoming the number one women's tennis player for four consecutive years while studying at the North-West university in Potchefstroom. As mental health conditioning coach I want to achieve two goals: I aim to provide effective mental guidance and training methods for athletes to ensure the development of the right combination of mental skills which will lead to continuous improvement and success of sports performance. The most important goal is to ensure each player's happiness and overall mental wellbeing.

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