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Play Tennis South Africa

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"PLAY TENNIS South Africa" is a nationwide tennis franchise designed by Riaan Venter. The PLAY TENNIS system aims to teach children between the ages of 3 to 14 how to play tennis. The program is divided into three age groups. The first group (red) focuses on preschool children aged 3-6, the second group (orange) targets children aged 7-9, and the last group (green) caters to those aged 9-14. Effective communication with parents is of utmost importance, and you will receive monthly reports, videos, and professional feedback. The RVTA firmly believes that PLAY TENNIS is a superior program compared to any other kids' tennis program, representing the future of our next-generation players, based on the following:

A Lifelong Love for Tennis: PLAY TENNIS creates a love for tennis in children that lasts a lifetime. It's not just about playing; it's about igniting a passion that will stay with them forever.

  • Multi-Sport Skill Development: Beyond tennis, PLAY TENNIS helps kids develop specialized skills that are transferable to all sports. Think timing, ball skills, explosiveness, and hand-eye coordination - these are the building blocks of athletic success.

  • Early Tennis Technique: It's not all fun and games at PLAY TENNIS; we believe in teaching tennis technique from a young age. We're shaping the champions of tomorrow right from the start.

  • Tailored Approach: With a specialised approach, we ensure classes are fitted with a specific age and skill level in mind. Your child gets the coaching and attention they deserve.

  • Pro-Level Coaching: Our professional players are at the forefront of coaching, providing your child with top-notch mentorship and guidance.

  • More Than a Game: PLAY TENNIS is more than just a sport; it's a life skill builder. We focus on long-term development and teach essential life skills like self-confidence, discipline, independence, concentration, sportsmanship, social skills, and listening skills. These skills transcend the tennis court, helping your child thrive in all aspects of life.

    The foundation of our tennis squads is our player development philosophy which builds the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills a player requires to compete at elite level. 


Elevate Your Game with RVTA Player Development Philosophy with Tennis Squads

At RVTA, we've built the foundation of our tennis squads on a player development philosophy that covers all the bases. We focus on cultivating the technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills a player needs to not just compete but excel at the elite level. It's all about unleashing your full potential on the court and beyond. Join us, and let's create champions together! 

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